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411. Wiedermann, Julius.

Illustration Now! 5. - Köln: Taschen, 2014.


W 66

TASCHEN's regular Illustration Now! series brings you the latest, groundbreaking work from the world’s most exciting illustrators. A stimulating mix of established master draftsmen and neophytes, working in a vast range of techniques, this Illustration Now! Vol. 5 features 150 illustrators from over 30 countries, including illustration duo Craig&Karl, reportage artist Sue Coe, upcoming Agata Nowicka, old master James McMullan and Syrian artist Youssef Abdelké. The spread includes personal work, as well as high-profile projects for clients such as Nike, The New Yorker, Harper's Bazaar, Google or Time magazine. Looking back at the history of media, the book's introduction from Steven Heller explores the many styles of illustration. A perfect round-up of illustration's here-and-now for graphic artists, creative professionals and illustration students, but also for anyone with an appreciation of draftsmanship and visual language.


412. Spiekermann, Erik.

Rhyme & Reason: a typographic novel. - Berlin: H.Berthold AG, 1987.


S 78

In his first book designer and author Erik Spiekermann introduces the so-called First Spiekermann Dictum in a chapter about line spacing: “Where two consecutive lines are closely spaced, and where there is but one descender and one ascender in each line, then in 99 per cent of cases the descender and the ascender will meet and overlap.” While many designer may in fact have encountered this challenge and have therefore seen the dictum to be true, the author further states: “There is a rule saying: descender and ascenders must never touch. There is an exeption to this rule: touching is allowed if it looks better.” These centered lines are set in Berthold’s LoType, resurrected by Spiekermann for photocomposition in 1980.



413. Neri, Louise.

Roni Horn. – London: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2003.


N 43

American artist Roni Horn (b.1955) is revered around the globe for the understated force of her beautifully composed works of art. She has concentrated on a small, highly personal selection of subjects. For instance, the tradition of Minimalist sculpture and our response to it is transferred with great sensitivity into her artwork. Asphere III, for example, looks like a solid copper sphere: in fact it is slightly distorted and thus asymmetrical. Horn frustrates our notions of contemporary sculpture, sharpening our awareness of experiencing the work and offering a heightened sense of environment and presence in the world. Horn's care for detail and poetic subtlety have made her one of the world's most respected artists.


414. Princenthal, Nancy.

Doris Salcedo. - New York: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2000.


S 17

With work in the collections of The Museum of Modern Art, New York, and Tate, London, Colombian artist Doris Salcedo (b.1958) is one of today's most internationally respected South American sculptors. Inspired as much by poetry and philosophy as by the affecting material qualities of sculpture, Salcedo subtly and painstakingly transforms everyday household objects and garments - symbols of a vanished existence and of the human tragedies that are its cause. In Atrabiliaros (1991-6) abandoned shoes of 'disappeared' Colombian people, half-concealed behind membranes of animal fibre, become ghost-like symbols of mourning. In Salcedo's ongoing untitled works, wooden furnishings, worn by long use and filled with concrete, mutely evoke the lives they once served.


415. Phelan, Peggy.

Pipilotti Rist. - New York: Phaidon Press, 2001.


P 56

Swiss-born artist Pipilotti Rist creates colourful multi-screen video works which, often with the pace and seduction of a pop promo, signal the birth of a new interdisciplinary art form. With such lighthearted artworks as Ever Is Over All presented at the 1997 Venice Biennale (which won Rist the Biennale's Premio 2000), showing a princess-like young girl blithely smashing car windows, Rist invents new possibilities for poetry, feminine identity and the traditional genre of portraiture. The highly accomplished technological skill reflected in her work since the late 1980s, incorporating in unprecedented ways the art forms of film, music, sculpture and performance, have established Rist among the world's best-known contemporary video artists.



416. Alberro, Alexander.

Lawrence Weiner. - New York: Phaidon Press Ltd, 1998.


A 30

Lawrence Weiner's art can appear painted across an entire building, floating inside a souvenir pen or sung as a lyric by a country and western band. One of the canonical Conceptual artists of the 1960s, Weiner was among the first to 'dematerialize' the object of art into the realm of language and ideas. He composes texts that describe process, material and structure while evoking a poetic drama that unfolds in the reader's mind. Using a utilitarian yet elegant typeface and stark monochrome or vivid colours, his works have a striking formal beauty. Dedicated to the circulation of art and ideas, a single statement of Weiner's can take the form of myriad media, ranging from paint to stone to video. This book is the first comprehensive survey of an internationally-celebrated artist who continues to compose innovative new commissions around the world.


417. Cameron, Dan.

William Kentridge. - New York: Phaidon Press Ltd, 1999.


C 17

William Kentridge's (b.1955) black-and-white, animated films offer an emblematic and unprecedented insight into the South Africa of today, from the hearings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to traces of apartheid's violence in the landscape around Johannesburg. This is the first book to document the work of this extraordinary artist, who exploded on the international art scene in 1997 after working for some 20 years little known outside of his native South Africa. The images in Kentridge's films depict political realities, expressed in terms of individual human suffering. They are patiently made up of dozens of drawings, often made from the erasure as well as the addition of lines and forms.



418. Mack, Gerhard.

Roman Signer. - New York: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2006.


M 14

Swiss artist Roman Signer (b. 1938) makes work that is literally explosive, harnessing natural forces via rockets, fuses and dynamite, as well as rushing water, gravity and catapults. At work since the early 1970s, Signer is a prolific artist who is highly respected worldwide.



419. Royoux, Jean-Christophe.

Tacita Dean. – New York: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2013.


R 87

An unusual artist whose work combines film, video, installation, audio and drawing, Tacita Dean is among the most sophisticated new artists working today. Born in England but currently working in Berlin, Dean possesses a truly international audience. Her work was included in the 50th and 51st Venice Biennales (2003 and 2005) and she was nominated for the Turner prize in 1998. Tacita Dean is represented by Frith Street Gallery.


420. Eichler, Dominic.

Wilhelm Sasnal. - New York: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2011.


E 36

Wilhelm Sasnal is one of the most celebrated artists to emerge from Eastern Europe in the twenty-first century. His practice embraces drawing, film, comics (his strips are regularly published in Machina and Przekroj, two Polish periodicals) and, above all, painting. Prolific, varied and deliberately unclassifiable, Sasnal channels the enigma of our contemporary image-based society. For him, ‘art is largely a mystery that touches upon the invisible, the unnamed.’ His painting draws together Pop, photorealism, abstraction, minimalism and photorealism to describe both banal and enchanted details of day-to-day reality, placing diverse subjects on a plane of equality. His key subjects, however, which he returns to again and again, are the possibilities and limits of representation. In his work, material and image swap places, crossing and recrossing the border between depiction and abstraction, often several times in a single canvas.




421.  Grasskamp, Walter.

Hans Haacke. - New York: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2004.


G 74

Born in Cologne in 1936 and based in New York since 1965, Haacke's strong political, cultural and social concerns are reflected in his installations, texts and sculptures. Throughout his 50-year career Haacke has frequently changed the presentation of his art to get his message across. Often borrowing from non-art sources such as corporate advertising, questionnaires or scientific experimentation, Haacke is probably the most successful and best-known late twentieth century artist to create political art that manages to hit its mark with such concision and elegance. Haacke sometimes works like a sleuth, uncovering the art world's hidden politics and economics.


422. Соколова Т. Н.

Архитектурные обмеры. – Москва: Архитектура-С, 2008.


С 594

В учебном пособии дана подробная характеристика обмеров как основного способа фиксации архитектурных объектов. Описан весь комплекс обмеров по стадиям: от «полевых» (натурных) работ до выполнения обмерных чертежей и оформления работы. Даны практические приемы снятия (измерения) натурных размеров, основанные на традиционных методах с применением триангуляции и картезианских координат. Для студентов и бакалавров архитектурных ВУЗов и факультетов.


423. Георгиевский О. В.

Единые требования по выполнению строительных чертежей. – Москва: Архитектура-С, 2013.


Г 363

Handbook for construction drawing for students of secondary and higher education establishments. Allowance is made in accordance with the requirements of GOST.



 424. Фьореб Нейл.

Легкий способ перестать откладывать дела на потом. – Москва: Манн, Иванов и Фербер, 2013.


Ф 977

Откладывание дел на потом – зачастую не свидетельство лени, а симптом потери мотивации. Вот уже тридцать лет автор, известный психолог Нейл Фьоре, успешно использует в работе с клиентами-прокрастинаторами простую стратегию: перестать себя корить за неудачи и несовершенство, сменить позицию с «я должен» на «я сам этого захотел», определить личные и рабочие цели и составить план их достижения, в котором будет сразу зарезервировано время на отдых. А чтобы реализовать стратегию, нужно воспользоваться пошаговой методикой, описанной в этой книге.Если вы стремитесь повысить свою эффективность, избавившись от привычки откладывать дела, это ваша книга.


425. Бойер, Питер.

Photoshop CS6 для чайников. – Москва: ООО "И.Д. Вильямс", 2013.


Б 779

Эта книга посвящена версии Photoshop CS6 самого популярного редактора цифровых изображений и методам их правки. В ней рассматриваются основные возможности Photoshop и сопутствующих приложений.


426. Элгер, Дитмар.

Дадаизм. – Москва: TASCHEN/Арт-Родник, 2006.


Э 45

In 1916, in "Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, together artists, writers, exiles and opposition figures. That was the beginning of Dada, Art and literary style direction that has arisen under the influence of the First World War. Existed until about 1923 the movement opposed the life and art values &#8203,&#8203,of the bourgeoisie, without regard to logic, morality and traditions Dadaists sought to create a provocative anti-art and denied any aesthetic system.Important means of artistic expression Dadaists were collages, montages, and assemblages - located in no particular order, taken out of the various media objects represented in the new structures - be it painting, sculpture or sound poetry.


427. Соколов М. Н.

Павел Филонов. – Москва: Арт-Родник, 2008.


С 594

Pavel Filonov - one of the most enigmatic artists of the XX century. This proletariat in art - and its origins, and favorite themes - the singer of urban misery "(in the words of Velimir Khlebnikov), he dreamed of a beautiful tomorrow, investing in their dream images of the" global prosperity ".


428. Нере, Жиль.

Казимир Малевич и супрематизм. – Москва: Taschen, 2003.


Н 541

Наследие Малевича охватывает художественное, архитектурное и теоретическое направления. Художник играл видную роль в наиболее важных творческих тенденциях двадцатого столетия, и то, какое значение он придавал "живописному элементу как таковому", по-прежнему вдохновляет художников во всех странах мира. Альбом содержит хронологию, избранную библиографию, великолепные цветные репродукции картин, фотографии и документы, иллюстрирующие жизнь и творчество художника, отчего данное издание становится серьезным справочником об этом великом мастере.

429. Хоннеф, Клаус.

Поп-арт. - Москва: Taschen, 2008.


Х 772

Pop Art emerged in the mid 1950`s in England, but its peak it reached in 1960 in the USA. It replaced an elevated daily, the products of mass production put together with unique pieces and erased the distinction between high and popular culture. The media and advertising were the main themes of pop art, witty glorifying "the consumer society." Rapture caused by pop-art since the first of his works to the public, is no longer blowing itself out - today it is great as ever.


430. Клингсёр-Лерой, Кэтрин.

Сюрреализм. - Москва: Taschen, 2008.


К 493

Сюрреализм - стиль в изобразительном искусстве и литературе. Зародился в Париже в период Первой мировой войны. Сюрреалисты стремились, уничтожив логику и границы между реальностью и фантазией, создать новый прекрасный мир, построенный на свободной игре ассоциаций и образов из подсознания. Однако картины сюрреалистов нельзя назвать абстрактными - для них характерны интерес к пространству, материи и к деталям, прописанным почти с фотографической точностью. В современном мире искусство сюрреализма актуально, как никогда прежде.


431. Storr, Robert.

Louise Bourgeois. - New York: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2003.


S 87

One of the century's most distinguished artists, Louise Bourgeois is an utterly unique figure. Born in Paris in 1911, Bourgeois spent most of her career receiving little recognition from the art community. She has worked closely to many of the century's key artistic moments,

from Surrealism to Abstract Expressionism to feminist art, and yet she remains distinct from all of them. An extraordinarily influential sculptor, she has worked, often experimentally, with materials varying from alabaster, plaster, latex, bronze and marble. Bourgeois is equally admired for her intimate drawings, often combining fragments of text, and her highly personal writings, which often address her long and complex life story. With the backdrop of a conflicted and sexually complicated family upbringing, her struggles as an artist in a world reserved for men, as well as her experiences as a mother, the subject of her work is as broad as the materials in which she expresses them.



432. Iversen, Margaret.

Mary Kelly. - New York: Phaidon Press Ltd, 1997.



Among the most influential feminist artists working today, Mary Kelly (b.1941) first came to prominence as a Conceptual artist in 1976 with the controversial Post Partum Document series, notorious for incorporating her baby's dirty nappies. She creates large series of indexical works - drawings, images, text panels, photographs - which combine investigations into the diverse relations between psychoanalysis, feminism and art. Kelly often deploys prevailing literary or scientific genres, ranging from romantic fiction to psychoanalytical and medical diagnoses that define women as 'other'. She subtly yet insistently turns them on their head with her own richly textured narratives and images. While phases in her work have been represented in catalogues, Kelly's complete oeuvre has never been published before in its entirety. In the Survey, art historian Margaret Iverson explores Kelly's substantial oeuvre using three classical yet contentious Freudian themes: fetishism, hysteria and paranoia.


433. Щедровицкий, Георгий.

Оргуправленческое мышление: идеология, методология, технология. – Москва: Издательство Студии Артемия Лебедева, 2014.


Щ 364

Эта книга – третье издание курса лекций по управлению Г. П. Щедровицкого (1929–1994) – отечественного мыслителя, философа, методолога и общественного деятеля. Автор считает, что деятельность организации и управления является ведущей для развития любых практических сфер. Источник принципов методологической школы управления – глубокая теоретическая и онтологическая проработка оргуправленческого мышления. Знания и представления, которыми оперирует методология, имеют характер предписаний к действию или проектов организации деятельности (или мышления). Особое внимание в лекциях уделено системному подходу, разработанному в Московском методологическом кружке. Книга предназначена для специалистов по организации, управлению и руководству, для студентов и аспирантов всех специализаций в области менеджмента.


434. Прохоров, Александр.

Русская модель управления. – Москва: Издательство Студии Артемия Лебедева, 2011.


П 844

Что представляет собой русская модель управления? Как на практике использовать ее особенности? Какие черты нашей национальной модели менеджмента являются мифом, а какие - реальностью? В каких случаях и почему наши управленческие дефекты превращаются в преимущества? Знакомые всем проблемы рассматриваются под непривычным углом зрения.


435. Франк, Яна.

Тайные знания коммерческих иллюстраторов. – Москва: Издательство Студии Артемия Лебедева, 2011.


Ф 833

В этой книге Яна Франк рассказывает, как стать коммерческим иллюстратором, и раскрывает много тонкостей своей работы: объясняет, с чего начать и куда стремиться, как составить портфолио, где найти клиентов и как с ними работать, а также подробно разбирает маленькие картинки и большие проекты, делится техническими хитростями и дает пошаговые рецепты создания качественных изображений. Яна рассказывает о неочевидных препятствиях в профессии иллюстратора и способах их преодоления. Книга адресована всем, кто планирует зарабатывать на жизнь иллюстрацией или уже занялся этим.


436. Buchloh, Benjamin H.D.

Thomas Hirschhorn. – New York: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2004.


B 92

The work of Paris-based Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn (b.1957) comprises giant, labour-intensive, room-sized collages of low-grade materials - that is to say, rubbish. Hirschhorn is among the most significant artists to have emerged internationally in the 1990s. His work has been included in the world's top exhibitions (including Documenta 11, 2003, and the 48th Venice Biennale, 1999), and he was recipient of the prestigious Prix Marcel Duchamp in 2001. Hirschhorn's work, a commentary on the spectacle of late-capitalist consumerism, is characterized by collages of tinfoil, cardboard, plywood, plastic and packing tape combined with an infinite variety of debris: handwritten texts and images culled from popular magazines, miniature toy airplanes and trains, knick-knacks by the hundreds, armies of plastic 'gold' watches, effigies of Nietzsche and Princess Diana, monitors duct-taped into vitrines, and so on. Part text, part sculpture, part junk heap, and incorporating furniture, cardboard boxes, wooden frames and more, these installations reflect an extraordinarily prolific imagination.


437. Joselit, David.

Jenny Holzer. - New York: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2010.


J 78

Jenny Holzer (b.1950) is one of the most significant artists to work in the public realm since the 1980s. Starting on the streets of New York with simple fly-posters, she has gone on to disseminate her truisms, slogans, memorials and poems through a variety of media. They are

enunciated by an unstable register of personae, be it ad-man, stand-up comedian, torturer, victim or evangelist. The sites for her work range from T-shirts and golf balls to dazzling electronic signboards at baseball stadiums. Her work uses language to investigate the nature of ideologies as conscious and unconscious formations about identity and experience. Her complex and poetic texts can be shocking, humorous and intriguing in content. At the same time she draws on Minimalism's use of industrial materials and deploys scale, movement and light to create art of great formal power and beauty.


 438. Чихольд. Ян.

Новая типографика: руководство для современного дизайнера. – Москва: Издательство Студии Артемия Лебедева, 2010.



«Новая типографика» Яна Чихольда впервые была опубликована в 1928 году в Германии и стала своего рода манифестом современной типографики. Это доскональное и увлекательное исследование охватывает широкий круг вопросов — от теорий социального критицизма и истории искусств до возрастающей важности фотографии в графическом дизайне. Помимо этого, в «Новой типографике» Чихольд формулирует предельно ясные и четкие правила оформления печатных материалов. Последние главы содержат подробные практические указания по верстке повседневных деловых документов — вплоть до рекомендаций по выбору размера бумаги и правильному сочетанию шрифтов.

439. Welchman, John C.

Mike Kelley. – New York: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2011.


W 49

Mike Kelley (b.1954) is one of the best contemporary examples of an artist who, like Yves Klein, Piero Manzoni and Vito Acconci before him, combines sculpture with performance. Best known for his assemblage sculptures made from stuffed children's toys, often set upon the 'stage' of a homemade Afghan rug, Kelley draws upon the Modernist traditions of the found object and collage in his colourful, irreverent sculptures. Childhood and adolescence are referenced with all the sexual ambiguity, tastelessness and low humour associated with those age groups. His attitude of aesthetic disobedience, bridging 'low' (crafts) and 'high' (sculpture, painting) forms of art, has its roots in the rejection of the social and moral fabric of American culture. Despite his subversion and anti-art tactics, Kelley has been recognized since the 1980s by the international art world as one of the most significant and representative artists working today in the United States, and his work has been shown at venues as diverse as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Paris's Musee du Louvre.


440. Archer, Michael.

Mona Hatoum. - New York: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2010.


A 71

Mona Hatoum creates events, videos, sculptures and installations that relate to the body, to language and to the condition of exile. Her most famous work Corps Etranger, first shown at the Tate Gallery when she was nominated for the Turner Prize in 1995, takes the viewer on a

journey through the inner passages of the artist's body. Her audience is thrown into a dimension in which anything is possible, as in The Light at the End, which lures viewers down a long tunnel towards a light that will literally burn them. While her video work is often visceral and emotive, her sculptures and environments are ultra cool and minimal in their aesthetic. They often mimic domestic or institutional furniture, yet their designs and materials have a threatening edge. Exquisitely beautiful, Hatoum's works are at the same time powerful evocations of statelessness, anxiety, denial and otherness.


 441. Storr, Robert.

Raymond Pettibon. -  New York: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2012.


S 87

California-based artist Raymond Pettibon (b.1957) began making his signature ink-wash drawings - combinations of cartoon-like images with short, enigmatic texts - in the 1980s. Since then he has produced thousands of drawings in his unusual drafting style. Framed or pinned directly on the wall, they are often combined by the dozens in no discernible order, like a giant scattered notebook. With solo exhibitions worldwide, including a retrospective at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (1994), Pettibon has become renowned as one one of the world's most significant innovators of figurative art.


442. Александер, Кристофер.

Язык шаблонов. – Москва: Издательство Студии Артемия Лебедева, 2014.


А 461

В книге описан «язык» для проектирования окружающей среды, единицы которого — шаблоны, — отвечают на архитектурные вопросы: какой высоты сделать окна, сколько этажей должно быть в здании, какую площадь в микрорайоне отвести под деревья и газоны. Издание содержит более 250 шаблонов — каждый включает описание той или иной проблемы, ее обсуждение, подкрепляемое иллюстрацией, и решение. С помощью этой книги возможно спроектировать дом для себя и своей семьи, разработать проект офиса, рабочей мастерской или общественного здания, совместно с соседями улучшить свой район и даже весь город. «Язык шаблонов» — одна из самых значимых книг XX века, которая до сих пор не издавалась на русском, хотя оказала сильнейшее влияние на развитие дизайна, проектирования, архитектуры и компьютерных наук, в том числе объектно-ориентированного программирования.


443. Франк, Герц.

Карта Птолемея: записки кинодокументалиста. – Москва: Издательство Студии Артемия Лебедева, 2009.


Ф 333

Герц Франк — известный латвийский документалист. В 1975 году он написал книгу, посвященную поиску образности в документальном кино. Повествование построено на случаях из личной практики и опыте коллег и проиллюстрировано авторскими фотографиями. «Записки» адресованы широкому кругу читателей — специалистам, начинающим кинематографистам и просто кино- или фотолюбителям.


444. Базанов, В.

Техника и технология сцены. – Москва: Книга по требованию. 2012.


Б 171

Хрестоматия для всех работников театра.


445.  Дюхтинг, Хайо.

Василий Кандинский 1866-1944: революция в живописи. – Москва: TASCHEN/Арт-Родник, 2012.


Д 979

Wassily Kandinsky - a painter, graphic artist, theorist of art. One of the founders of abstract art, Kandinsky changed the idea of the public about the art. In his works, lives a great variety of metamorphosis, meanings and ideas, which are United by the common desire of Kandinsky to a revolution in painting. His impulse to abstraction has been enthusiastically adopted in Europe, Kandinsky became not only important, but also a successful artist.


 446. Миллер, Джудит.

Мебель: все стили от древности до современности. – Москва: АСТ: Астрель, 2011.


М 604

Эта книга, в которой представлена более чем 3000-летняя история мебельного дизайна, - поистине праздник для глаз: 3000 прекрасных фотографий иллюстрируют каждый стиль и каждую форму.
От чудом сохранившихся предметов меблировки Древнего Египта, бесценных кабинетов эпохи барокко и таинственно поблескивающих, словно все еще хранящих свои тайны венецианских зеркал к элегантной современности в духе Филиппа Старка - такова неповторимо емкая перспектива, которую предлагает этот весомый том, посвященный истории мебельного дизайна от древности до наших дней. Это не просто альбом, предназначенный для любителей изящных искусств и коллекционеров, это подробный справочник для тех, кто интересуется самой сутью красоты, заключенной в стиле и хорошем дизайне.


 447. Brooks, Rosetta.

Richard Prince. - New York: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2003.


B 87

Richard Prince (b.1949) emerged in the 1980s as one of America's new, highly innovative artists working with the margins of America's subcultures and visual debris. The appropriation and re-presentation of highly idiosyncratic subject matter - such as one-line jokes, off-colour cartoons, cowboys ('borrowed' from Marlboro ads) and motorcycle gangs - are essential to his work. In the late 1970s Prince was working for the cutting services of Time Life publications in New York, where he had access to thousands of cut-up magazines in which only the advertisements remained intact. He began to re-photograph the advertisements and compose his own pictures from this highly familiar imagery, updating 1960s Pop art's homage to consumerism and its icons. Decades later, his career took an unexpected turn, and the artist emerged as a consummate painter, producing some of the most unusual and intensely admired works in the current painting scene. Prince is one of America's best known artists and in 1992 was honoured with a one-person retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.


448. Adams, Robert.

Beauty in photography: Essays in defence of traditional values. - New York: Aperture, 2005.


A 20

The eight essays in Beauty in Photography provide a critical appreciation of photography by one of its foremost proponents. The result is a rare book of criticism, alive to the pleasure and mysteries of true exploration.


 449. Smith, Karen.

Ai Weiwei. - New York: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2009.


S 68

The first comprehensive monograph on this key figure in China’s burgeoning art scene. Ai Weiwei’s work is consistently innovative and unmistakably original, ranging from his sculptures and photographs to his numerous architectural commissions, and recalls the work of his artistic forebears Marcel Duchamp, Joseph Beuys and Andy Warhol.


 450. Roelstraete, Dieter.

Simon Starling. – New York: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2012.


R 70

The first comprehensive monograph on a Turner-Prize-winning artist whose work encompasses historical research, scientific enquiry and a deep engagement with the materials of his art. Simon Starling (born 1967) is an English conceptual artist. His work is in the permanent collection of distinguished museums, such as the Tate Modern, London; Moderna Museet, Stockholm; Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York; Kroller Muller Museum, Netherlands; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; and Museum Folkwang, Essen. Starling has had solo exhibitions at numerous international venues including Thyssen-Bornemisza Contemporary, Vienna (2012); the Power Plant, Toronto (2008); Städtischen Kunstmuseum zum Museum Folkwang, Essen (2007); Kunstmuseum Basel Museum für Gegenwartskunst (2005); Museum of Modern Art, Sydney (2002); Portikus, Frankfurt (2002); UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (2002); Kunstverein Hamburg (2001); Vienna Secession (2001), Museu Serralves, Porto (2000); Camden Arts Centre, London (1998); and the Moderna Museet, Stockholm (1998), among others. In 2003, the artist represented Scotland at the 50th Venice Biennial.


451. Ritchin, Fred.

Bending the frame: Photojournalism, Documentary and the Citizen. – USA: Aperture, 2013.


R 63

In Bending the Frame, Fred Ritchin--Professor of Photography & Imaging at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, and author of After Photography--examines the complex relations between social justice and photojournalism in today's oversaturated political and media climates. Is visual journalism even effective at all, given the ease with which so many of us can simply record events? And how can the impact of iconic images from the Civil Rights Movement or the Vietnam War be compared to, say, the consequences of leaked images from Abu Ghraib? Do changes in strategy imply changes in accountability and responsibility for visual journalism as a whole? Ritchin intends his discussion--which ranges across new media but also includes uses of video as well as a wide range of books and exhibitions--to provide critical tools with which to approach the various efforts of today's visual (and "citizen") journalists and documentary photographers. He also examines the historical uses of photography and related media to inspire social change, the better to pose the critical question that lies at the heart of his book: How can images promote new thinking and make a difference in the world?


452. Parkins, Ilya.

Poiret, Dior and Schiaparelli: Fashion, Femininity and Modernity. - London; New York: Berg, 2012.


P 26

Through a highly original and detailed analysis of the memoirs, interviews and other life writings of Poiret, Dior and Schiaparelli, this book explores changing notions of femininity in the early decades of the 20th century, when the democratization of fashion began. Examining idea of modernity, eternity and the ephemeral in the writings of these haute couturiers, the book reflects on fashion's ambivalent approach to women, which both celebrated and vilified them, presenting them as both ultra modern style leaders and irrational creatures stuck in the past. This fascinating text is key reading for scholars and students of fashion, gender studies, cultural studies and history.


453. Stickdorn, Marc/​ Schneider Jakob.

This is service design thinking: Basics - Tools – Cases. – Hoboken: N.J. Wiley, 2014.


S 85

This is Service Design Thinking introduces an inter-disciplinary approach to designing services. Service design is a bit of a buzzword these days and has gained a lot of interest from various fields. This book, assembled to describe and illustrate the emerging field of service  design, was brought together using exactly the same co-creative and user-centred approaches you can read and learn about inside. The boundaries between products and services are blurring and it is time for a different way of thinking: this is service design thinking.



454. Vincent, Susan J.

The anatomy of fashion: dressing the body from the Renaissance to today. - Oxford ;New York: Berg, 2009.


V 69

Taking different body parts in turn, The Anatomy of Fashion invites us to view ourselves as we have been in the past. Arguing that analysis needs to aspire to the proliferation and playfulness of fashion itself, the chapters both explore a different aesthetic and examine its wider, and often surprising, implications. In countless different ways, fashion is caught up in the larger picture of its chronological moment. Whether in the mechanisms of production, the politics of consumption, the construction of sexuality or gender, or the formation and reformation of manners and morals, fashion is there. In its provocative conclusion The Anatomy of Fashion turns its attention to dress practices today. Reassembling the anatomical parts, the text places the contemporary body in the historical view and reveals the strangeness that lies at the heart of our own normality.


455. Berger, John.

Understanding a photograph. - New York: Aperture Book Program, 2013.


B 45

John Berger's writings on photography are some of the most original of the twentieth century. This selection contains many groundbreaking essays and previously uncollected pieces written for exhibitions and catalogues in which Berger probes the work of photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson and W. Eugene Smith - and the lives of those photographed - with fierce engagement, intensity and tenderness. The selection is made and introduced by Geoff Dyer, author of the award-winning The Ongoing Moment. How do we see the world around us? This is one of a number of pivotal works by creative thinkers whose writings on art, design and the media have changed our vision for ever.


456. Fleck, Robert.

Peter Fischli & David Weiss. - New York: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2005.


F 55

Peter Fischli and David Weiss are a Swiss artistic duo who first began working together in the late 1970s. Their internationally renowned sculpture, video and photographic works look at everyday life and its conceptions of beauty and pleasure, forming an innocent, unpredictable

world utterly unique in contemporary art Peter Fischli and David Weiss' work has been seen at such key international exhibitions as documenta 8 (1987) and X (1997), the Biennales of Sydney (1990, 1998) and Sao Paulo (1989) and the Carnegie International, Pittsburgh (1988), among many others. This is the first true monograph on this extraordinary pair, who will have a major retrospective of their work.



457.  Semin, Didier.

Christian Boltanski. - New York: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2008.


S 46

Christian Boltanski (b.1945), one of France's most important contemporary artists, evades definition. His magical work, which has been presented in museums worldwide, memorializes ordinary people, often in installations that combine dramatic illumination and darkness. Boltanski gathers old photos, clothes and personal objects, presenting them as archival artefacts tracing individual lives.


458. Ferguson, Russell.

Gillian Wearing. - New York: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2011.


F 40

British artist Gillian Wearing, winner of the 1997 Turner Prize, uses photography and video to explore the intimacies and complexities of everyday life. Borrowing from popular culture, her work is disturbing and confessional. In 1992 she began the acclaimed series Signs that say what you want them to say and not Signs that say what someone else wants them to say', in which random passers-by are photographed holding messages they've written, such as the mild-mannered young businessman whose sign unexpectedly reads 'I'm Desperate'. Wearing's work borrows from familiar forms of popular culture to produce direct, revealing records of deep-seated human trauma and emotion, often adopting the methods of television documentaries for her 'fly-on-the-wall' view of people's lives. Her videos can be alarming, as in Confess All ...in which masked individuals confess their darkest secrets, or humorous, as in (Slight) Reprise - a sampler of adults playing 'air guitar' in the fantasy rock stadium of their bedrooms. Her art can be disconcerting or uplifting: an honest portrait of the many sides to contemporary life. With exhibitions in Britain, the US, Europe and Japan, Wearing is among the best-known and most internationally recognized of the recent generation of British artists. This is the first publication ever to survey this remarkable young artist's gripping work in its entirety.



459. Corrin, Lisa.

Mark Dion. - New York: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2011.


C 81

This text explores the work of vanguard artist Mark Dion who has made site-specific projects all over the world which explore the relationship of Western art, literature and museology with the natural environment. His sculptures and installations often focus on contemporary environmental issues, and have the uncanny quality of film sets or dioramas. His life-size environments have included live and stuffed animals, plants, lab equipment, and museological displays of garbage. They present lyrical and funny investigations into exoticism, colonialism and environmental crisis. Dion himself has taken on a variety of personae including reporter, scientist, explorer and detective. He has also set up collaborations with anthropologists, zoologists, geographers and groups of school children, and is well-known for his drawings and his writings.


460. Michalko, Michael.

Thinkertoys: a handbook of creative-thinking techniques. – Berkeley: Ten Speed Press, 2006.


M 65

In hindsight, every great idea seems obvious. But how can you be the person who comes up with those ideas? In this revised and expanded edition of his groundbreaking Thinkertoys, creativity expert Michael Michalko reveals life-changing tools that will help you think like a genius. From the linear to the intuitive, this comprehensive handbook details ingenious creative-thinking techniques for approaching problems in unconventional ways. Through fun and thought-provoking exercises, you’ll learn how to create original ideas that will improve your personal life and your business life. Michalko’s techniques show you how to look at the same information as everyone else and see something different. With hundreds of hints, tricks, tips, tales, and puzzles, Thinkertoys will open your mind to a world of innovative solutions to everyday and not-so-everyday problems.




461. Baldaev, D. S. (Dantsik Sergeevich).

Russian criminal tattoo encyclopedia. Vol. 1. – London: Fuel, 2009.


B 18

Occasionally a book is published that reveals a subculture you never dreamt existed. More rarely, that book goes on to become a phenomenon of its own. The 2004 publication of the Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia was such a phenomenon, spawning two further volumes and alerting a fascinated readership worldwide to the extraordinary and hermetic world of Russian criminal tattoos (David Cronenberg, for example, made regular use of the Encyclopaedia during the making of his 2007 movie Eastern Promises). Now, Fuel has reprinted volume one of this bestselling series, whose first edition already fetches considerable sums online. The photographs, drawings and texts published in this book are part of a collection of more than 3,000 tattoos accumulated over a lifetime by a prison attendant named Danzig Baldaev. Tattoos were his gateway into a secret world in which he acted as ethnographer, recording the rituals of a closed society.


462. Kelley, Tom.

The art of innovation : lessons in creativity from IDEO, America’s leading design firm. - New York: Currency/Doubleday, 2001.


K 31

There isn't a business in America that doesn't want to be more creative in its thinking, products, and processes. At many companies, being first with a concept and first to market are critical just to survive. In The Art of Innovation, Tom Kelley, general manager of the Silicon Valley based design firm IDEO, takes readers behind the scenes of this wildly imaginative and energized company to reveal the strategies and secrets it uses to turn out hit after hit.


463. Kelley, Tom.

The ten faces of innovation: IDEO's strategies for beating the devil's advocate &​ driving creativity throughout your organization. – London: Profile, 2006.


K 31

A brilliant guide to fostering creativity and business innovation, The Ten Faces of Innovation shows how any individual can become an experienced architect, storyteller, caregiver or cross-pollinator...just four of the ten characters that can be adopted in different situations to create a broader range of solutions to business problems. At the start of the creative process you might be the 'anthropologist', going into the field to see how customers use and respond to products; later you might be the 'hurdler', who overcomes obstacles on the way to the finished product. The book explains with examples from business how adopting these characters can beat nay-sayers who stifle innovation.


464. Christov-Bakargiev, Carolyn.

Arte Povera. – London: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2005.


C 56

Presented in an oversize (9.75x11.5"), heavily illustrated format, this rich resource offers a full view of this Italian movement, with descriptions of exhibitions, artists, and documents. Giovanni Anselmo, Alighiero Boetti, Pier Paolo Calzolari, Luciano Fabroa, and Emilio Prini are a few of the artists whose works are profiled. The primary sources include articles and statements by and about individual artists as well as writing by critics, and writings about other, comparable, or influential movements. A section of artists' biographies is included. The author is chief curator at the Castello di Rivoli, in Turin, Italy.


465. Tuymans, Luc; Sigg, Pablo.

Luc Tuymans. - London: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2010.


T 97

Beginning with 'Gilles de Binche' (Antwerp, 2005) and concluding with 'Against the Day' (Brussels, Moscow and Malmo, 2009-10), acclaimed painter Luc Tuymans produced a landmark suite of seven thematically linked bodies of work. Their meta-narrative, which traces the philosophical and psychic roots of contemporary civilization, weaves together a range of photographic source images, from St Peter's to Disneyland to Big Brother, that together tell the banal and terrifying story of our times. Luc Tuymans: Is It Safe? features this source imagery alongside more than 100 of the artist's newest paintings, many never before published. Accompanying each body of work is an introductory text written by the artist, while the essay 'Tuymans, Loyola, Leibniz', specially commissioned by Mexican artist Pablo Sigg, provides historical and philosophical context. 'Proper', an essay by Belgian art historian Gerrit Vermeiren, looks at one body of work in detail, tracing the themes and sources of each painting and capturing the cultural atmosphere of the moment in which they were produced.


466. Lippard, Lucy R.

Six years: the dematerialization of the art object from 1966 to 1972. – Berkeley: University of California Press, 1997.


L 79

In Six Years Lucy R. Lippard documents the chaotic network of ideas that has been labeled conceptual art. The book is arranged as an annotated chronology into which is woven a rich collection of original documents--including texts by and taped discussions among and with the artists involved and by Lippard, who has also provided a new preface for this edition. The result is a book with the character of a lively contemporary forum that offers an invaluable record of the thinking of the artists--a historical survey and essential reference book for the period.


467. Stolitze Design.

1000 music graphics: a compilation of packaging, posters, and other sound solutions. – Beverly: Rockport Publishers, 2008.


S 86

This book will offer designers a vast collection of inspiring and innovative graphic works from the world of music. The main emphasis will be on music graphics including album/CD covers and inside spreads, packaging, posters, and other sales materials from the past decade. Music makes the world go 'round, and great album designs generate sales for the record companies that back the artists. By showing diverse album graphics from the last decade, designers get a glimpse into what makes or breaks album sales and just how risky the content can be before it goes too far. Many designers hope to break into the music business by way of design, and this collection will offer insight and inspiration for those venturing in. This book will be a compendium of all types of graphically appealing album art, covering all kinds of music and music developers.



468. Gibson, Pamela Church.

Fashion and celebrity culture. – London: Berg, 2012.


G 43

The interrelationship between fashion and celebrity is now a salient and pervasive feature of the media world. This accessible text presents the first in-depth study of the phenomenon, assessing the degree to which celebrity culture has reshaped the fashion system. Fashion and Celebrity Culture critically examines the history of this relationship from its growth in the nineteenth century to its mutation during the twentieth century to the dramatic changes that have transpired in the last two decades. It addresses the fashion-celebrity nexus as it plays itself out across mainstream cinema, television and music and in the celebrity status of a range of designers, models and artists. It explores the strategies that have enabled visual culture to recast itself in the new climate of celebrity obsession, popular culture and the art world to respond adaptively to its insistent pressures.


469. Fernie, Eric.

Art History and its methods: a citical anthology. – London: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2013.


F 41

Approaches to the history of art are probably more varied and more debated than in any other branch of history, and a study of different historical approaches has become an increasingly important component of many student courses. This critical anthology brings together the work of 27 influential art historians and writers from the Renaissance to the present day; key texts have been chosen in which the authors reflect on the nature of their subject and on their own methods of inquiry. Included are texts by Vasari, Winckelmann, Burckhardt, Wolfflin, Panofsky, Gombrich and Pollock, among others. The introduction is a lucid and readable summary of art-historical methods, and each of the texts is accompanied by a commentary that places it in context and discusses the issues it raises. A glossary of terms and a select bibliography make this book an invaluable resource in the study of art history.



470. Bonami, Francesco.

Maurizio Cattelan. - London: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2003.


B 76

Maurizio Cattelan (b.1960) is among the best-known Italian artists to have emerged internationally in the 1990s. Cattelan's work mocks art history (his giant, Disneyland-style 'Pablo Picasso' welcomed visitors at New York's Museum of Modern Art, 1998), monumentality (his granite plaque commemorating all the England football team losses, London, 1999) and nationalism (his rug, based on the Bel Paese cheese wrapper map of Italy, was placed to be trampled on by visitors at a major show of new Italian art in 1994). His work has been featured in the world's most important venues and exhibitions.



471. Marshall, Richard D.

Ed Rusha. - London: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2005.


M 34

Ed Ruscha (b. 1937) initially gained attention in the early 1960s with paintings, drawings, and photographic books that focused on his fascination with the unique culture, vernacular, and sensibility of his adopted home of Los Angeles. But Ruscha, who is wary of labels, refused to be categorized as a Pop artist, and indeed, his work reaches beyond that classification. He has been considered a "West Coast" artist, and although Los Angeles is undeniably the source of inspiration for his work, the themes he addresses are far-reaching and universal. A renewed interest in Ruscha's work in recent years has led to major exhibitions that toured the U.S., and a number of individual shows in Europe, which reevaluate his work in this broader scope. This is the paperback edition of the first monograph on Ruscha's work; it looks with discernment and insightful detail at the prolific and many-faceted career of an artist whom one could describe as Pop, Conceptual, or Surrealist; a painter as well as a print-, book-and filmmaker. The thematic and loosely chronological structure of the book brings to light the diversity of Ruscha's work, while at the same time underlining the continuity and recurrence of themes and ideas within his ever surprising and prolific career.


472.  Gould, Philip.

Focusing on IELTS: Academic practice tests. - South Yarra: Macmillan Education Australia, 2011.


G 69

Focusing on IELTS: Academic Practice Tests 2nd edition has been written specifically for those students preparing for the Academic test and can be used for independent study or in the classroom. It contains:

• four complete practice tests for Listening, Reading, and Writing, and six for Speaking
• complete recorded sample Speaking Tests, with transcripts and detailed assessments
• full answer key, including sample answers to Writing Tests and accompanying notes
• complete listening transcripts with answers identified
• useful tips for taking IELTS tests.


473. Clutterbuck, Michael.

Focusing on IELTS: general training practice tests reader. - South Yarra: Macmillan Education Australia, 2010.


C 63

The Focusing on IELTS series provides a comprehensive, up-to-date learning package that develops the skills students need as they prepare for the IELTS examination. The series consists of two skills books, Listening and Speaking Skills, and Reading and Writing Skills, and two books of practice tests.



474. De Chazal, Edward.

 Oxford EAP: Intermediate/B1+: Student's Book and DVD-ROM Pack. – Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013.


 D 29

 Oxford EAP develops the essential skills and academic language for learners who are preparing to study in English at university level, from foundation courses to postgraduate research.


 475. Foster, Hal.

 The return of the real: the avant-garde at the end of the century. – Cambridge: MIT Press, 1996.


 F 79

In The Return of the Real Hal Foster discusses the development of art and theory since 1960, and reorders the relation between prewar and postwar avant-gardes. Opposed to the assumption that contemporary art is somehow belated, he argues that the avant-garde returns to us from the future, repositioned by innovative practice in the present. And he poses this retroactive model of art and theory against the reactionary undoing of progressive culture that is pervasive today. After the models of art-as-text in the 1970s and art-as-simulacrum in the 1980s; Foster suggests that we are now witness to a return to the real — to art and theory grounded in the materiality of actual bodies and social sites: If The Return of the Real begins with a new narrative of the historical avant-garde; it concludes with an original reading of this contemporary situation— and what it portends for future practices of art and theory, culture and politics.



476. Hacking, Julie.

Photography: the whole story. – New York: Prestel, 2012.


H 12

"Photography: The Whole Story" is a celebration of the most beautiful, meaningful and inspiring photographs that have arisen from this very modern medium. The book begins with a succinct overview of photography, placing it in the context of the social and cultural developments that have taken place globally since its arrival. Organized chronologically, the book then traces the rapid evolution of photographic style, period by period and movement by movement. Illustrated, in-depth essays cover every photographic genre, from the early portraits and tableaux to the digitally manipulated montages, splitsecond sports images, and conceptual photographs of today. The ideas and works of key photographers are assessed to reveal what motivated them, who influenced whom, and what each was striving to achieve. Detailed cultural and individual artist timelines clarify historical context. If you love photography and would like to know more, "Photography: The Whole Story" is for you.


477. Acconci, Vito.

Vito Acconci: writings, works, projects. – Barcelona: Ediciones Pol ́igrafa, 2001.


A 18

The work of Vito Acconci is among the most influential of the last 30 years. His experiments with performance, audio and video, sculpture, and architecture from the late 1960s through the present have become points of reference for younger artists. The overriding concerns throughout his work have been self-analysis and interpersonal relationships, themes he has explored in many different ways. This monograph will be the most complete publication available on this vital American artist, and will include both extensive visual documentation from throughout his career and a wide selection of his writings.


478. Wearstler, Kelly.

Rhapsody. - New York: Rizzoli, 2012.


W 37

Design trendsetter Kelly Wearstler shares her inspirations, inviting readers into the creation of her opulent interiors. Celebrated for luxurious interiors that capture the swankiness of old-world Hollywood with a modern pop sensibility, Wearstler is known for her decadent designs of residences and boutique hotels, such as the line of Viceroys and the tastemakers Maison 140 and Avalon. Her ornate interiors are distinctive for layers of bold textures, patterns, and rich colors juxtaposed with lustrous surfaces, adding up to a whimsical and elegant look that has been called "mod baroque." This volume offers a look into Wearstler’s glamorous world, profiling in detail her latest residential designs (previously unpublished) and her sumptuous new hotels, as well as her creative process. The book also follows the designer—known for her striking personal style—behind the scenes to watch her at work, creating sculpture at her metal foundry or shopping at auction houses, to reveal the myriad inspirations that fuel Wearstler’s imagination and her dazzling design work.


479. [Editors of Phaidon].

Art & Place: site-specific art of the Americas. - London; New York: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2013.


A 81

Over 500 artworks from all periods, arranged geographically across fifteen countries that span the Americas, from Canada to Argentina, have been specially selected by a panel of experts. Every work examined in this extraordinary book remains permanently in situ, creatively integrated with its specific environment. An enormous variety of schools and styles can be compared, as well as a wealth of different techniques and media, from cave paintings and contemporary sculpture to murals, stained glass, reliefs and land art.


480. Мюллер-Брокманн, Йозеф.

Модульные системы в графическом дизайне: пособие для графических дизайнеров, типографов и оформителей выставок. – Москва: Издательство Студии Артемия Лебедева, 2014.


М 982

Книга представляет собой подробное пособие по использованию модульной системы в графическом дизайне и оформительской работе. Автор на примерах рассказывает о применении модульной сетки в дизайне книг, периодических изданий, корпоративной полиграфии, выставочных пространств, приводит исторические образцы архитектуры, типографики и дизайна и убедительно доказывает универсальность и эффективность модульного метода проектирования. Издание адресовано широкому кругу дизайнеров и оформителей.


481. Font-Réaulx.

Painting and photography: 1839-1914.


F 73

This comprehensive study offers detailed analysis of how classical painting challenged, resisted, and was influenced by the emergence of photography. Photography divided opinion since its invention; some saw it as an invaluable tool in the enhancement of artistic production, for others it was too mechanical to ever represent the grand concept of "art." This volume examines the fraught yet rich relationship that developed between them, from portraiture and landscapes to still lifes, nudes, and tableaux vivants. Accompanied by a rich selection of illustrations, the text charts this fascinating history from photography’s first forays into the public domain and the organizations set up to defend it against criticism, to the influence of figures such as Daguerre, whose daguerreotype invention raised the possibility of being able to accurately replicate images. This volume explores not only photography’s fight for recognition, but also its impact on painters of the day, as it challenged them to devise new ways to capture the human form, and forever changed the face of art.

 482. John, Elys.

CAD fundamentals for architecture. – London: Laurence King Publishing, 2013.


J 74

Computer-aided design (CAD) is the dominant design and drawing tool used in architecture, and all students need to acquire basic skills in using it. This book explains the key CAD skills required to create plans, 3D models and perspectives. Detailed text and hundreds of screengrabs and visuals are used to demonstrate the various techniques and processes. 2D skills are shown using AutoCAD, SketchUp and Vectorworks, while 3D modelling and presentation techniques also include 3ds Max, Maya, Form Z and Photoshop. The reader will learn how to simplify the software interface and tools in order to focus on the most common and useful tasks. This is an invaluable guide for all students of architecture.


483. Николаев, О.Ю.

Гении русской живописи. – Москва: ОЛМА Медиа Групп, 2011.


Н 632

Книга знакомит читателей с творчеством великих художников, ставших символами русского искусства и сделавшими его достоянием мировой культуры.  Каждая статья содержит не только основные биографические факты из жизни мастера, повлиявшие на становление и развитие его творчества, но и развернутую характеристику его живописного искусства. Особенно интересной книгу делает богатый иллюстративный ряд, составленный как из широко известных, так и редко публикуемых работ.


484. Harrison, Richard.

Headway academic skills: listening, speaking, and study skills. Level 3. - Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011.


H 30

Headway Academic Skills can be used independently, or alongside a general English coursebook such as New Headway or New Headway Plus. Designed for students moving on to academic studies or for those on a foundation programme, the series focuses on improving students' academic skills by: -Developing the specific skills required for academic studies through a wide range of topics relevant to higher education.-Exploring strategies to help students with new vocabulary, and to record, vary, and build their vocabulary.-Offering guidance in undertaking research, and in acknowledging sources.-Providing plenty of guided practice as well as freer practice to encourage learner independence.


485. Savage, Alice.

Effective academic writing 2: the short essay. - New York: Oxford University Press, 2012.


S 26

Effective Academic Writing, Second Edition provides the tools necessary for successful academic writing: -Step-by step Writing Process guides and refines writing skills.-Timed Writing practice prepares students for success on high-stakes tests.-Online Writing Tutor on Oxford Learn improves academic writing inside and outside the classroom.-Online Grammar Practice provides extra practice where and when your students need it the most. Step-By-Step Instruction takes students through the complete academic writing process starting at the sentence level and ending with the researched essay.



486. Collins, Hilary.

Creative research: the theory and practice of research for the creative industries. – Lausanne: AVA Publishing, 2010.


C 70

The book begins with an overview of the field of research within the context of the creative industries, and then goes into detail on the stages involved in undertaking a research project within this field. You will be introduced to a range of philosophical assumptions upon which your research can be based and the implications of these assumptions on the method or methods that you choose. In addition to this, techniques and procedures for collecting and analyzing different types of data are examined and analyzed in detail. Each topic is accompanied by a main text with visuals outlining the key issues and debates. The topics are accompanied by key word definitions and explanations, plus references to key texts for further reading. Questions are also identified to get the reader thinking about the issues raised, to confront expectations and to make informed choices. Interviews with leading practitioners and academics give insight on current debates on research practice. The skills necessary to promote the effectiveness and validity of research within the creative industries are highlighted in case studies, all of which also demonstrate what a well-designed research project can achieve.



487. Klee, Paul.

Hand puppets. – Ostfildern: Hatje Cantz, 2006.


K 52

Between 1916 and 1925 Paul Klee (1879-1940) made some 50 hand puppets for his son, Felix, of which 30 are still in existence. For the heads, he used materials from his own household: beef bones and electrical outlets, bristle brushes, leftover bits of fur and nutshells. Soon he began to sew costumes. These characters and small works, do not pretend to be great art, but at the same time, they are superbly imaginative, sweetly reminiscent of Klee's relationships with his family, and beautifully illustrative of the artistic and social developments of the time. Readers will see the chronological proximity of Dada and Kurt Schwitters's collages in Klee's Matchbox Ghost; the German National caricatures one of the era's more ominous political types. An introductory essay tracks the work's links to other avant-garde puppetry and to Klee's sculptural works, and notes his connections to the theater. For their part, Klee's son Felix and his grandson Alexander tell the story of how the figures were created.


488. Koetzle, Hans-Michael.

Rene Burri photographs. – London: Phaidon Press, 2012.


K 67

Known the world over, especially for his iconic images of Che Guevara, Swiss-born Rene Burri (b.1933) is one of the world's greatest living photographers. Now, for the first time ever and featuring countless previously unpublished images, Burri's remarkable and adventurous work is brought together in this career retrospective of over 400 duotone photographs. Edited and compiled by the distinguished writer Hans-Michael Koetzle, in close collaboration with Burri, this unprecedented retrospective is a historic book of the major political events and key personalities of the twentieth century - as seen through the eyes of one photographer. Nothing like this book on Burri has ever been published before, and it is a real coup for Phaidon to be the first to publish his entire career's work. A member of the prestigious Magnum photo agency, Burri is a photographer whose curiosity and humanity as a photographer have afforded him almost unrestricted access to the major events and personalities of the last 50 years.


489. Plunkett, Drew.

Detail in contemporary bar and restaurant design. – London: Laurence King, 2013.


P 77

Bars and restaurants need to be assertive. Customers tend not to visit them to satisfy basic appetites for food or drink but for the social opportunities. Their interiors need to occupy the imagination of their customers and to whet the appetite for a return visit. The design that gets the formula right will do as much to prolong the life of the business as the products on offer. This book includes a wide range of international projects and for each one there is a descriptive text, color photographs, floor plans, sections and construction, and decorative details. A bonus CD-ROM contains all the drawings as printed in the book, in both EPS and DWG (generic CAD) formats.


490. Brooker, Graeme.

Key interiors since 1900. – London: Laurence King Publishing, 2013.


B 87

This book defines the history of modern interior design through the reuse of existing buildings. This approach allows the history of the interior to be viewed as separate from the history of architecture and instead enables the interior to develop its own historical narrative. Following a brief introduction, the book is organized in six chapters on the following themes: home, work, retail, display, leisure, and culture. Each chapter comprises a selection of case studies in chronological order. 52 key examples dating from 1900 to the present are explored in terms of context, concept, organization, and detail and are illustrated with photographs, plans, sections, concept drawings, and sketches.

491. Plunkett, Drew.

Detail in contemporary hotel design: detailing for interior design. – London: Laurence King, 2013.


P 77

Hotel interiors need to satisfy the imaginations of their customers and whet the appetite for a return visit or recommendation, and the design that gets the formula right will do as much to prolong the life of the business as the service delivered within the hotel. This book explores in detail 48 of the best recent hotel interior design schemes, featuring projects by leading architects from around the world. The book is divided into three sections embracing newly built and refurbished hotels as well as conversions. Each project includes photographs as well as detailed drawings and plans, where appropriate, as well as informative text describing the design concept and process.



492. Shaw, Ros Byam.

English eccentric: a celebration of imaginative, intriguing and truly stylish interiors. – London: Ryland Peters &​ Small, 2014.


S 53

The most interesting, intriguing and truly stylish interiors are those that best reflect their owners' lifestyle, enthusiasms, memories, talents and skills. English Eccentric celebrates that interplay, visiting the homes of artists, designers, antiques dealers, furniture makers, florists, writers, gallery owners - people with a strong sense of the visual and the courage and flair to be original. Ros Byam Shaw looks at 18 different homes in a wide variety of styles, from a tiny cottage packed with circus memorabilia to an elegant country house full of stuffed animals. None of the interiors featured are at the extreme end of eccentricity but all of them provide a multiplicity of inspiring ideas, whether through their vibrant mix of color and pattern, their imaginative use of space, their witty juxtapositions of old, new, upcycled and homemade, or their novel and eye-catching ideas for display. English Eccentric is a book about interiors that will amuse and inspire in equal measure, and about people whose creativity, rather than wealth, informs their take on interior design.


493. Heartney, Eleanor.

Art&Today. - [London]: Phaidon Press Ltd. 2013.


H 43

Art & Today is an innovative and extensive survey of international contemporary art from the 1980s to the present. Over four hundred of the most significant contemporary artists from around the world are represented in this comprehensive overview - some emerging, some mid-career, and others long established. Each of the book's sixteen chapters address recurring and relevant themes as diverse as "Art & Popular Culture," "Art & Its Institutions," and "Art & Globalism," rather than follow a strict chronological, geographical, or stylistic structure. Lively and up-to-date, Art & Today explores an era in which art defies simple categorization. The result is a surprising and original yet clear and reasoned perspective on contemporary art that breaks from prescribed classifications to offer a survey as expansive as the art it describes.


494. Groys, Boris; Pelenc, Arielle.

Jeff Wall: Complete Edition. – London: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2010.


G 89

Jeff Wall (b.1946) adopts the nineteenth-century poet Baudelaire's famous description of one of his contemporaries as 'a painter of modern life' to describe his own very different work: huge transparencies mounted on to light boxes that diffuse a brilliant glow of white light evenly through his photographs of contemporary urban scenes and 'constructed' social situations. Wall is foremost among the pioneering artists who since the late 1960s have brought photography to the forefront of contemporary art. His constructed images employ the latest sophisticated technology in the creation of compelling tableaux, which are evocative of subjects ranging from Hollywood cinema to nineteenth-century history painting. When exhibited in their glowing light boxes they evoke both the seduction of the cinema screen and the physical presence of minimalist sculptures such as Dan Flavin's fluorescent light installations or Donald Judd's metal and Perspex wall reliefs. All of these elements - traditional figurative painting, cinema, Minimalism, Conceptual art, documentary photography - are consciously evoked and explored in Wall's work.

495. Diserens, Corinne.

Gordon Matta-Clark. – London: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2006.


D 63

This book is a monograph on the legendary American artist Gordon Matta-Clark (1943-1978), considered one of the most important artists of the second half of the twentieth century. Born in New York and trained in architecture, Gordon Matta-Clark belongs to no movement or school, and can not be characterized by the use of any medium in particular. His practice remains one of the most unique, unequalled, and hugely influential of the past decades. He is most famous for his "building-cuts", actions that translate in the cutting-up of facades, walls, and floors of derelict buildings. Because of the ephemeral and often unauthorized nature of these interventions, Matta-Clark started using photography and film as means of documentation. His social and political convictions, and subsequent involvement in artistic communities, also led to various projects such as the opening of a restaurant in the middle of the then neglected district of Soho (Food), the purchase at auction of fractions of unusable urban land in New York (Fake Estate), and other various visionary urban proposals (with the New York based Anarchitecture group).


496. Siegel, Katy; Davies, Lillian.

Abstract Expressionism. – London: Phaidon Press Ltd, 2011.


S 58

Abstract Expressionism emerged in New York in the years immediately following the Second World War and quickly became one of the most powerful and influential movements in the history of modern art.  Building on developments in European avant-garde art of the preceding decades, a wave of artists such as Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, Barnett Newman and Clyfford Still developed a new abstraction that was simultaneously elemental and sophisticated.  Though several of Abstract Expressionism's key figures were emigres, including Mark Rothko, Hans Hofmann and Arshile Gorky, it was art's first definitively American movement, establishing New York as the new capital of artistic innovation for years to come while creating a visual language that would soon reach to the farthest corners of the globe.


497.  Kuenzli, Rudolf.

Dada. – London: Phaidon Press Ltd. 2006.


K 89

Dada developed in distinct periods and locations, providing the structure of the book. From Europe and New York during the First World War it spread to Eastern Europe and Japan in the 1920s. Its re-emergence as Neo-Dada in the 1950s and influence on Fluxus in the 1960s was linked to emigres such as Marcel Duchamp and Hans Richter. Survey: International Dada expert Rudolf Kuenzli surveys Dada in its historical context and examines its significant impact and resonance in art and culture today. Linking visual art, performance and literature, this is a fresh treatement of Dada as the Dadaists saw it. A reassessment of one of the twentieth century's most revolutionary movements in the arts, Kuenzli's clear style is accessible to the scholar and the general reader.



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