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1001. Chris Ware.

Building stories

R 741.5
W 26

In Chris Ware's own words, '`Building Stories` follows the inhabitants of a three-flat Chicago apartment house: a thirty-year-old woman who has yet to find someone with whom to spend the rest of her life; a couple who wonder if they can bear each other's company for another minute; and finally an elderly woman who never married and is the building's landlady...' The scope, the ambition, the artistry and emotional heft of this project are beyond anything even Chris Ware has achieved before.

1002.  Alisa Resnik.

One Another

R 779
R 45

Alisa Resnik's photographs are rich in atmosphere. It is as if she ventures through stage sets catching fleeting moments of an insubstantial reality. Working mainly in Berlin, she explores faded bars and hotel rooms that echo the past-leaden-colored scenes and spaces emptied of life—and people's faces, etched with the traces of their lives.


 1003. Paul Martineau.

Herb Ritts: L.A. Style

R 779

M 35

Herb Ritts: L.A. Style traces the life and career of the iconic photographer through a compelling selection of renowned, as well as previously unpublished, photographs and two insightful essays. Herb Ritts (1952–2002) was a Los Angeles-based photographer who established an international reputation for distinctive images of fashion models, nudes, and celebrity portraits. During the 1980s and 1990s, leading fashion designers such as Armani, Gianfranco Ferrè, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Valentino, and Versace, as well as magazine editors from GQ, Interview, Rolling Stone, and Vanity Fair, among others, to lend glamour to their products and layouts, sought out Ritts. An exhibition catalogue




1004. Боденшатц, Харальд.  МАРШ

Градостроительство в тени Сталина.

R 720
Б 75

Содержание книги охватывает период с 1929 по 1935 год, и, соответственно, исследует кардинальную смену приоритетов в советском градостроительстве. На примере новых (Магнитогорск) и старых (Москва) городов автор изучает и документирует переход от реформаторской доктрины, направленной на пересоздание существующего и поиск нового города, к урбанистическому консерватизму, который зарубежные рецензенты склонны связывать с влиянием необарокко.

1005. Борис Бернаскони. МАРШ

Гиперкуб : как сделано первое здание в "Сколково"

R 725

Б 51

Гиперкуб - первое здание в инновационном центре "Сколково". Эта книга об идеологии, программе, технологиях и эстетике гиперкуба - здания, где время стало четвертым пространственным измерением. Предметом исследования становятся свойства элементов, решений и технологий, которые позволяют зданию отвечать глобальным энергетическим, экологическим, социальным и экономическим вызовам.


1006. Ching, Francis D.K.  МАРШ

Architecture: Form, Space, & Order



For more than forty years, the beautifully illustrated Architecture: Form, Space, and Order has served as the classic introduction to the basic vocabulary of architectural design. Architecture: Form, Space, and Order distills complex concepts of design into a clear focus and brings difficult abstractions to life. The book explains form and space in relation to light, view, openings, and enclosures and explores the organization of space, and the elements and relationships of circulation, as well as proportion and scale. 

1007. Zeegen, Lawrence.

Fifty Years of Illustration

R 741.64

Z 44 

This book charts contemporary illustration's rich history: from the rampant idealism of the 1960s to the bleak realism of the 1970s, and from the over-blown consumerism of the 1980s to the digital explosion of the 1990s, followed by the increasing diversification of illustration in the early twenty-first century.

1008. Shore, Robert.


R 779

S 55 

The real world is full of cameras; the virtual world is full of images. Where does all this photographic activity leave the artist-photographer? Post-Photography tries to answer that question by investigating the exciting new language of photographic image-making that is emerging in the digital age of anything-is-possible and everything-has-been-done-before. Found imagery has become increasingly important in post-photographic practice, with the internet serving as a laboratory for a major kind of imagemaking experimentation. But artists also continue to create entirely original works using avant-garde techniques drawn from both the digital and analogue eras.

1009. Lubben, Kristen.

Magnum contact sheets


L 96

Available for the first time in a compact edition, this groundbreaking book presents a remarkable selection of contact sheets and ancillary material, revealing for the first time how the most celebrated Magnum photographers capture and edit the very best shots. Addressing key questions of photographic practice, the book illuminates the creative methods, strategies, and editing processes behind some of the world’s most iconic images.

1010. Ribeiro, Aileen.

Facing beauty: painted women & cosmetic art


R 52

Throughout the history of the Western world, countless attempts have been made to define beauty in art and life, especially with regard to women's bodies and faces. Facing Beauty examines concepts of female beauty in terms of the ideal and the real, investigating paradigms of beauty as represented in art and literature and how beauty has been enhanced by cosmetics and hairstyles.

1011. Evans, Caroline.

The mechanical smile: modernism and the first fashion shows in France and America, 1900-1929



The Mechanical Smile traces the history of the earliest fashion shows in France and the United States from their origins in the 1880s to 1929, situating them in the context of modernism and the rationalization of the body. Fashion shows came into being concurrently with film, and this book explores the connections between fashion and early cinema, which arguably functioned as what Walter Benjamin called “new velocities”—forces that altered the rhythms of modern life.

1012. Plunkett, Drew. МАРШ

Detail in contemporary office design



This book explores in detail 42 of the best recent office design schemes, featuring projects from leading architects from around the world. Each project includes photographs as well as detailed drawings and plans, where appropriate, as well as informative text describing the design concept and process.

1013. Wiedemann, Julius. МАРШ

Restaurant & bar design



 The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards—the world’s only awards dedicated to hospitality design—recognize the importance of this particular field,singling out the world’s most exceptional settings for eating and drinking. Each year, entries are submitted from all sectors, including hotels, offices, transport, industry, fine dining, education, sports and leisure, healthcare, government, aviation, cruise, and retail. A panel of top design, lifestyle, and hospitality professionals judges the entries.

1014. Bowen, Christopher J.

Grammar of the edit

R 791

B 82


This book shows you in no uncertain terms (independently of software) what you absolutely need to know to edit your video production. Whether you are just learning how to edit or you need a refresher, this book gives you a basic toolkit to understand the basic terms and the common practices of editing to help create a coherent and meaningful story or visual presentation.

1015. Bowen, Christopher J.

Grammar of the shot

R 791

B 82

Whether you're just learning how to frame a shot or simply looking for a refresher, the third edition of Grammar of the Shot gives you the tools you need to build a successful visual story that flows smoothly and makes sense to your audience.

1016. Uva, Michael.

The grip book:  the studio grip's essential guide

R 778

U 96


The Grip Book has been updated and revised to be even more valuable to professional grips-the "jack-of-all-trades and master of all" on a film or video set. Grips install, set up, maintain, and ensure the safety of all equipment needed on a set, such as lighting stands, cameras, and any specialty equipment needed for a shoot. This new edition contains the latest information about the latest equipment and has been updated to reflect changes in the industry including CGI screen setup and 'cleaning up the perms.

1017. Hullfish, Steve.

The art and technique of digital color correction.


H 90


The only guide to the art and technique of color correction based on the invaluable knowledge of more than a dozen of the top colorists in the world. This book allows you unprecedented access to the way the masters of the craft approach their work.

1018. Sakamoto, Tomoko.



 S 16

 The follow-up to international bestseller Japan Graphics, JPG2 examines changes in Japanese graphic design. Instead of 'more copies, higher resolution, to a wider audience', there is a greater focus on individual and original works. JPG 2 brings together over 20 design teams, showcasing the evolution of teams from the first JPG as well as new projects, new teams, and the best contemporary design talents.

1019. Howes, Philip

Material matters: new materials in design

R 620

H 84

Material Matters: New Materials in Design explores the fascinating world of materials, surveying characteristics, properties and new applications of materials in diverse fields, from sustainable resources to medicine, architectural design to aeronautical engineering and interior design to ‘haute-culture’ and fashion.



1020. Britt, Fanny, Isabelle Arsenault

Jane, the fox &me


R 741.5

B 86

Hélène has been inexplicably ostracized by the girls who were once her friends. Her school life is full of whispers and lies — Hélène weighs 216; she smells like BO. Her loving mother is too tired to be any help. Fortunately, Hélène has one consolation, Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. Hélène identifies strongly with Jane’s tribulations, and when she is lost in the pages of this wonderful book, she is able to ignore her tormentors. But when Hélène is humiliated on a class trip in front of her entire grade, she needs more than a fictional character to allow her to see herself as a person deserving of laughter and friendship.

1021. Wylie, Donovan.

Outposts: Kandahar Province


W 97

Outposts: Kandahar Province presents Donovan Wylie's photographs of Forward Operating Bases constructed in the Kandahar Province of Afghanistan. From 2006 to 2011, Canada sent nearly 3,000 military personnel to Afghanistan in support of NATO's International Security Assistance Force. Serving alongside infantry and artillery, military engineers designed a network of outposts throughout the province. 

1022. Schell, Jesse.

The art of game design



S 31

The Art of Game Design presents 100+ sets of questions, or different lenses, for viewing a game’s design, encompassing diverse fields such as psychology, architecture, music, visual design, film, software engineering, theme park design, mathematics, puzzle design, and anthropology. This Second Edition of a Game Developer Front Line Award winner.

 1023. Steele, Valerie

Dance & fashion

R 746

S  82

Dress and adornment have long played an important role in the visual allure of dance, and fashion designers have often been inspired by the way dancers look. The tutus and pointe shoes of the Romantic ballerina, for example, have influenced designers from Christian Dior to Christian Louboutin. Lavishly illustrated with both contemporary and historical images, the book features essays by ten  fashion experts, who explore various aspects of the reciprocal relationship between dance and fashion, from the liberating effects of the tango to the influence of ballet on Japanese girl culture.

1024. Ward, Ossian.

Ways of looking: how to experience contemporary art



This book provides a straightforward guide to understanding contemporary art based on the concept of the tabula rasa – a clean slate and a fresh mind. Ossian Ward presents a six-step program that gives readers new ways of looking at some of the most challenging art being produced today.


1025. Арнхейм, Рудольф.

Искусство и визуальное восприятие



В книге широко используются эмпирические данные: психологические эксперименты, достижения физиологии, психологии и педагогики. Приводится большое количество рисунков, схем, диаграмм. Все это придает книге фундаментальность и фактографичность, поэтому этот труд до сих пор остается одним из основных исследований в области психологии искусства.

1026. Martin Parr

The photobook : a history Volume III

R 770

P 27

The third volume in an authoritative and comprehensive series, The Photobook: A History volume III provides a unique perspective on the story of contemporary photography through the genre of the photobook. Continuing in the vein of the first two volumes, Volume III is a study of the major trends and movements that have shaped the photobook genre globally since the birth of photography in the early nineteenth century. 


1027. Damian Sutton.

Photography, cinema, memory: the Crystal Image of Time


S 95


Damian Sutton explores time in both cinema and photography to present a radical new understanding of the photographic image as always coming into being. Drawing on Gilles Deleuze’s concept of the crystal image to move beyond the tropes of immobility, stasis, and death, Sutton’s analysis reveals the open-endedness of time expressed in the photograph.

1028. Wittgenstein, Ludwig.

Philosophical investigations




Philosophical Investigations (Philosophische Untersuchungen) is a highly influential work by the 20th-century philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.


1029.Tracy Chevalier and Colin Wiggins.

R 779

C 51

Tom Hunter is a London-based photographer of international renown for his engaging, distinctive, and often provocative re-creations of Old Master paintings. In 1998 he won the John Kobal Photographic Portrait Award for A Woman Reading a Possession Order, a beautifully crafted photograph based on a composition by the Dutch master, Johannes Vermeer.

1030. Ambrose, Gavin.

The Layout Book


A 46

The Layout Book explains the hows, whys and why-nots of the placing of elements on a page or screen layout. A historical overview of the subject is followed by a systematic look at key theoretical principles and practical applications.




 1031. Ashton, Dore.

Cecily Brown

R 759

A 84

Cecily Brown creates lush, visceral canvases based on a combination of figuration and abstraction. Her technical proficiency has earned her comparisons to Lucian Freud, Willem de Kooning, and Francis Bacon, yet it is her unique ability to convey the pleasurable and fleeting aspects of sensation that drive her work." "Cecily Brown rapidly rose to success in the late 1990's, and was credited with having contributed to the resurgence of painting at the turn of the millennium. With a visual repertoire indebted as much to the classical themes of the old masters as to porn magazines and Hollywood films, Brown's paintings challenge traditional interpretations and compel us to reconsider the act of painting from a decidedly feminine viewpoint.

1032. McNeil, Piter.

The men's fashion reader

R 746


The Men's Fashion Reader brings together key writings in the history, culture and identity of men's fashion. The readings provide a balanced range of important methodological approaches, primary research and significant case studies. The book is organized into thematic sections covering topics such as history, theory, subculture, iconic items of clothing, consumption and the media.

1033. Saeks, Diane Dorrans. МАРШ

Jean-Louis Deniot: interiors

R 747

S 13

 The first book on the work of the designer whose refined classical interiors are widely emulated as the epitome of French style. Known for his custom treatments and furniture designs. Blending elegance with architectural rigor, Deniot’s spaces express his philosophy. The book demonstrates Denoit’s new, sophisticated classical style that is changing the scene for international design and offering inspiration and ideas.


1034. Lampert, Catherine.

Peter Doig

R 759

L 21

The most comprehensive monograph on Turner Prize-nominated artist Peter Doig. In every generation of artists, there are a few-or perhaps just one-who propose a new set of questions and alter the way we understand art. Peter Doig is such an artist. Published in association with Michael Werner Gallery.

1035. Meyer-Hermann, Eva.

Mike Kelley: themes and variations from 35 years

R 759

M 64

A great comprehensive monograph of the life of this sadly short-lived artist. It has mounds of illustrations, personal accounts by the artist and accounts for his life in a highly in-depth way. It also brings together all the seemingly disparate genres that Kelley used in his messaging, sculpting and image-making. With such a great and influential life, one has to wonder why he would take his own life at such a young age. Published in conjunction with the exhibition Mike Kelley at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsteram.


1036. Clifford, Timothy.

Roland Penrose, Lee Miller: the surrealist and the photographer

R 709

C 61


This book offers an unprecedented insight into one of the most fascinating artistic relationships of the 20th century, the surrelaist artist Roland Penrose and the American photographer Lee Miller.

1037. Breward, Christopher.

The London look: fashion from street to catwalk


B 85

Lavishly illustrated, the book draws on photographs of Museum of London's remarkable collection of objects and images, and material from the London Institute. This book accompanies an exhibition at the Museum of London from October 2004 to April 2005.

1038. Lee, Jennifer. Lasseter,J. Malone M.

The Art of Wreck-It Ralph (The Art of Disney)

R 741.64

L 47


The Art of Wreck-It Ralph captures the fresh artistic vision of the film and the aesthetic journey of the filmmakers through interviews with the film's many artists, including a foreword by director Rich Moore and a preface by John Lasseter. Illustrated with character sketches, storyboards, visual development paintings, colorscripts, and more, this behind-the-scenes look at Disney's latest 3-D animated epic is a treat for video game and animation lovers alike.

1039. Lerew, Jenny.

The art of Disney Pixar Brave

R 741.64

L 47


Brave is Pixar's first fairy tale, a lush, animated adventure through the forests, heaths, and highlands of medieval Scotland. Featuring behind-the-scenes interviews with the film's many artists, The Art of Brave also showcases the gorgeous concept art that went into the creation of the movie, including colour scripts, storyboards, character studies, environment art, sculpts, and more.

1040. Kurtti, James.

The art of Tangled

R 741.64

K 93

When it releases this fall, Rapunzel (new title forthcoming) will be the 50th animated feature produced by Walt Disney Animated Studios. Featuring the stunning concept art behind the newest Disney masterpiece-from sketches and character designs to storyboards and color scripts-The Art of Rapunzel also gives readers an inside look at the film's fascinating history, which began over sixty-five years ago with Walt Disney's early explorations in the fairy tale.


1041. Hauser, Tim.

The Art of Wall.E

R 741.64

H 38


The "Art of Wall.E" includes more than 250 imaginative pieces of concept art, including storyboards, full-color pastels, digital and pencil sketches, character studies, color scripts, and more. The astute text - featuring quotes from the director, artists, animators, and production team - unearths the filmmakers' historical inspirations and reveals a studio confidently pushing the limits of animation.

1042. Paik, Karen.

The art of Monsters University

R 741.64

P 15


Featuring the concept art that went into the film's creation; from character studies and sculpts to colour scripts, storyboards and more, The Art of Monsters University also includes behind-the-scenes interviews with the film's many artists.

1043. Hauser, Tim.

The Art of UP

R 741.64

H 38

The Art of UP contains more than 250 pieces of concept art developed for the feature, including storyboards, full-color pastels, digital and pencil sketches, character studies, color scripts, and more. Quotes from the director, artists, animators, and production team reveal the sky-high creativity that elevated this whimsical film to new heights.



1044. Solomon, Charles.

The art of Frozen

R 741.64

S 70

The Art of Frozen features concept art from the making of the film, including character studies and sculpts, colour scripts, storyboards and more, alongside interviews and with the film's artists about the making of this adventurous animated film.

1045. Nodder, Chris.

Evil by design: interaction design to lead us into.

R 005

N 73


If you're wondering how your mind works, why you're susceptible to persuasion, and how, as a web or app designer, you can exploit the twisted way everyone else's brain works, you've come to the right place. This fascinating book explores more than sixty persuasive online design patterns and shows you why, happily or unhappily, they succeed. Discover how we're wired for certain sales techniques, why we fall for them, and learn online design techniques you can use for good or evil.

1046. Proferes, Nicholas T.

Film Directing Fundamentals: see your film before shooting

R 791

P 93


Film Directing Fundamentals gives the novice director an organic methodology for realizing on the screen the full dramatic possibility of a screenplay. Unique among directing books, this book provides clear-cut ways to translate a script to the screen.

1047. Polhemus, Ted.


R 746

P 80

A remarkable social and cultural inversion has occurred in the last fifty years: where once culture was the monopoly of the upper classes, it now, more often than not, bubbles up from those on the ‘wrong side of the tracks’. This transformation has been especially evident in the world of style - with the authenticity of streetstyle challenging and then toppling the dictatorship of High Fashion.

1048. The architect's home МАРШ

R 747

T 44

The greatest challenge in designing homes is negotiating the delicate balance between aesthetics and the personal desires of the occupants. While it’s important for the structure to reflect the vision and style of the architect, the client must ultimately feel at home beneath the roof. It is particularly interesting, therefore, to examine the homes that architects create for themselves. If houses reflect their owners’ personalities, then architects’ own homes are like autobiographies. Location, layout, style, lighting, artwork, furnishings—every detail adds color to the story. Each of these dwellings, presented A-Z by architect, speaks more about its designer than any other building possibly could.

49 Fishof, Iris.

Jewellery in Israel: multicultural diversity 1948 to the present

R 739

F 58

There are important links between native jewelry makers and European and American jewelry artists, who were guest lecturers at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in the 1970s and had a lasting influence on Israeli artists. The transition to art jewelry was finally completed in the 1980s, paving the way for artists who are now internationally renowned. 


1050. Schmidt-Wulffen, Stephan (essay by).

Uncommon places

R 779

S 34


Now, for this lushly produced reissue, the artist has added nearly 20 rediscovered images and a statement explaining what it means to expand a classic series. Like Robert Frank and Walker Evans before him, Shore discovered a hitherto unarticulated vision of America via highway and camera. Approaching his subjects with cool objectivity, Shore retains precise systems of gestures in composition and light through which a hotel bedroom or a building on a side street assumes both an archetypal aura and an ambiguously personal importance.


1051. Eichhorn-Johannsen, Maren

25000 years of jewelry

R 739



The collection of jewelry through the ages links cultures and eras to show how the design, wearing, and collecting of personal adornment has evolved over the ages. This chronologically arranged survey includes numerous brief They range from classic items such as necklaces, rings, and earrings to less common items with origins in non-European cultures. The book features jewelry ranging from the splendid crowns of ancient Greece, gold earrings from Babylon, Art Nouveau jewelry, work by contemporary essays and nearly 400 illustrations with detailed captions, making it an ideal reference for anyone interested in cultural history, the history of jewelry, or the art and craft of jewelry making.

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