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1084. Альдо Росси

Архитектура города


Р 76

Радикальный ответ Альдо Росси архитектурным утопистам стал поворотным пунктом в теории архитектуры второй половины XX века. С «Архитектуры города» исследователи и создатели начинают вновь обращаться к наследию, обживая и преобразовывая, но не отрицая накопленный опыт.



1085. Альдо Росси

Научная автобиография


Р 76

Книга уже зрелого Росси, увидевшая свет в 1981 году. В ней пятидесятилетний архитектор осмысляет свою жизнь и работу, кладя в основу не обычный для биографического жанра исторический принцип, а научную методологию.



1086. Brumfield, William Craft

Architecture at the end of the earth


B 90

Carpeted in boreal forests, dotted with lakes, cut by rivers, and straddling the Arctic Circle, the region surrounding the White Sea, which is known as the Russian North, is sparsely populated and immensely isolated. It is also the home to architectural marvels, as many of the original wooden and brick churches and homes in the region's ancient villages and towns still stand.



1087. Анна Броновицкая

Леонид Павлов

R 720

Б 88

"Архитектура, развиваясь, движется: уходя от одной экстремы к другой, она приближается к желанной цели, но никогда не может ее достигнуть",- утверждал Леонид Павлов. В его собственном творчестве такой крайней степенью проявления таланта отличаются работы 1960-1980-х годов. Однако целиком оно в эти рамки никак не укладывается. Творческий путь Павлова - это путешествие от одной экстремы к другой.



1088. Richard Meier

Meier: Richard Meier & Partners

R 720

M 50

The entire span of Meier's career, right up to his most recent designs for New York and Shenzhen, is included in this exceptional volume, created in close collaboration between the architect, the author, and the eminent graphic designer Massimo Vignelli. This spectacular monograph displays Meier's work in unprecedented size and brilliance, and features a preface by the noted Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza.


1089. Bethan Morris

Fashion illustrator


M 86

This is an informative, visually led overview of fashion drawing, presentation and illustration. It teaches students how to draw the fashion figure as well as featuring the work of established illustrators - both past and present - encouraging readers not only to observe but also to develop their confidence and skills as an illustrator.


1090. Лора Вольпинтеста

Как понимать язык моды


В 71

Эта книга обо всем том, без чего не может обойтись ни один модельер. Об основных принципах модного дизайна, на основе которых создавались и создаются все великие шедевры мира моды, таких как: цвет, форма, силуэт, фактура, принт, конструкция и прочие.


1091. Gael Chandler

Cut by cut


C 43

Teaches readers how to organize and edit footage and see their project to completion. It's both a comprehensive guidebook and a friendly, dependable companion for anyone taking the editor's path or wishing to better understand it.


1092. Mark Travis

Directing feature films


T 82

The film director is the guide, the inspiration, the focus that can shepherd hundreds of artists into the creation of a single work of art. The challenge is to collaborate effectively to realize a single vision. Learn how to really read a script, find its core, determine your "vision," communicate with writers, actors, designers, cinematographers, editors, composers, and all the members of your creative team in order to insure that your "vision" reaches the screen.


1093. Gael Chandler

Film editing


C 43

This book makes the invisible art of editing visible by using nearly 600 colorful frames from popular, recent films. Written by an editor and the author of "Cut by Cut: How to edit your Film or Video.


1094. Gil Bettman

Directing the camera


B 53

The first half of this book is devoted to teaching a systemized approach that can be used to design the very best moving shot for any dialogue scene, no matter how complex or long. Bettman's "Five Task" approach enables the aspiring director to quickly grasp this difficult element of directorial craft.


1095. Jeffrey Michael Bays

Between the scenes


B 33

This is the first book ever written about the power of scene transitions as a visual storytelling tool. Between the Scenes delivers a fresh approach to film directing, screenwriting, and editing. once you've got your scenes planned out, this book steps in by shifting your focus to how your individual sequences and scenes connect to each other.


1096. Christopher Kenworthy

Master Shots 2nd edition


K 33

Master Shots gives filmmakers the techniques they need to execute complex, original shots on any budget. By using powerful master shots and well-executed moves, you can develop a strong style and stand out from the crowd. Most low-budget movies look low-budget, because the director is forced to compromise at the last minute.


1097. Christopher Kenworthy

Master Shots Vol 2


K 33

Building on the success of the best-selling first volume, this 2nd volume goes much deeper, revealing the great directors' secrets for giving life to the standard dialogue scene. Referencing popular films, these techniques help you set up your camera and actors to give your dialogue scenes better drama, clarity, and energy, whatever your budget.


1098. Christopher Kenworthy

Master Shots Vol 3


K 33

A highly visual exploration of the best shots, moves, and set-ups in the industry. This books reveals the secrets behind each shot s success, so it can be adapted to the director s individual scenes.


1099. Жан-Луи Коэн

Ле Корбюзье: между живописью и архитектурой.



Издание  к юбилейной выставке, в полной мере представившей творческое наследие Жаннере Шарля-Эдуара, известного под псевдонимом Ле Корбюзье.


1100. Richard McGuire




Here is Richard McGuire's unique graphic novel based on the legendary 1989 comic strip of the same name. Richard McGuire's groundbreaking comic strip Here was published under Art Spiegelman's editorship at RAW in 1989.


1101. Inger Wästberg

Contemporary Swedish art jewellery



Platina gallery’s Sofia Björkman took advantage of the recent publication ContemporarySwedish Art Jewellery by Inger Wästberg to present an exhibition of pieces featured by theartists mentioned in the book.


1102. Adrian George

The curator's handbook : Museums, commercial galleries, independent spaces



The essential practical handbook for all those involved in, or studying, the dynamic field of curating. From pitching your ideas and writing loan requests to working with artists, lenders and art handlers; from writing interpretation material to installing and promoting your exhibition, this is the most clear and complete guide yet to the art of curating.


1103. Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston

 The illusion of life : Disney animation



An out-of-print collector's item since 1986, the definitive account of the development of Disney animation explains what made Disney's style unique and features original sketches and drawings revealing the origins of Mickey and the rest.


1104. Енё Барчаи

Анатомия для художников



Общеизвестно, что без знания анатомии невозможно верно передать особенности фигуры человека, характер его движений. Профессор Барчаи пользуется для показа человеческого тела методом художественного изображения. Его анатомические рисунки не только точное воспроизведение человеческих костей и мускульной системы, но и работы художественной ценности. Книга представляет большой интерес для каждого мастера изобразительного искусства, а также для всех тех, кто имеет какое-нибудь отношение к искусству, ибо она общедоступным и художественным методом знакомит с вечной темой изобразительного искусства - человеческим телом.



1105. Mike Perry

Pulled : a catalog of screen printing.



Popularized in the 1960s by Pop artists such as Andy Warhol, screen printing remains a favorite of artists due to its remarkable versatility and relatively low cost. In Pulled, best-selling author Mike Perry (Hand Job, Over and Over) collects the work of more than forty of today's most talented designers who are, in their own way, pushing the boundaries of this dynamic medium.


1106. Neil Sclater

Mechanisms and mechanical devices sourcebook

R 745.2

S 40

Covers the past, present, and future of mechanisms and mechanical devices. Among the thousands of proven mechanisms illustrated and described are many suitable for recycling into new mechanical, electromechanical, or mechatronic products and systems. Overviews of robotics, rapid prototyping, MEMS, and nanotechnology.


1107. Raph Koster

A theory of fun for game design



Now in full color, the 10th anniversary edition of this classic book takes you deep into the influences that underlie modern video games, and examines the elements they share with traditional games such as checkers. At the heart of his exploration, veteran game designer Raph Koster takes a close look at the concept of fun and why its the most vital element in any game.


1108. Jean Michel Basquiat





Born in Brooklyn in 1960, Jean-Michel Basquiat lived to the age of only twenty-seven. His meteoric career as an artist had lasted no more than eight years. The one-time teenage runaway and high-school dropout was first included in a group exhibition in 1980, and almost immediately knew considerable success, enjoying his first solo exhibition just two years later. Basquiat quickly became a notable figure on the international art scene, mixing with dealers and artists.


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